Few more details...

Monthly Group Call

Each month of membership you will have a call with members of all three levels. These will be 60-90 minutes calls on a chosen topic where you are invite to ask questions. This is a call where I get to contribute to all of you and what we can create together as a group.

Private Facebook Playground

You will have the choice to join a private Facebook group where I will share lives, questions, homeplay, sound clips, and other gifts that only paid members will have access to you. This is also a great place for each of us to ask questions, engage with each other and continue to create change outside of our monthly meetings. 

Included Discounts

As a member at any level I will give you a coupon code each month for you get special discounts on live calls and programs created. *This will not include Access Consciousness® classes such as Bars, The Foundation or Body Process classes. This is limited to personalized calls/programs of my own creation.

Private Sessions

As a member in "A Lot" and "A Megaton-a-lattes" you will also receive monthly and biweekly session respectively. These will be scheduled and organized with me directly. This can be online or in -person when possible. This is your time and is a 60-90 minute session all about contributing to you!