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No matter where you are at in life the tools of Access Consciousness® can continue to create change.

In fact, it's my experience that the more you choose...the more change that you receive! 

With the monthly membership, I hope to provide you with an ongoing resource of information and online community. 

 Additional Details* 


Monthly Group Call

Each month you will be invited to a members only call.

These 60-minute calls will be freeform based on your questions, interactions and life.

Think of these calls as your deep-dive of putting these tools in action.


Private Sessions

All Tier 3 members will receive a 30-minutes private session.

These will be scheduled and organized via the booking page.

These session will be online and can be  in-person when possible. These sessions are all about YOU!

Private WhatsApp Group

You will have the choice to join a private WhatsApp group where I will share lives, questions,

homeplay, sound clips, and other gifts that only paid members will have access to you.

This is also a great place to share and engage with each other to continue the change outside of our monthly call.


Cancellation Policy

This is a rolling membership and you will be charged each month unless you have enrolled in the year-long plan. Your membership plan may be canceled or changed at any time. 

Refund Policy
Refunds for monthly plans will be given at any time before the monthly group call is completed. You will be refunded half your membership fee if the monthly call has been completed. For yearly plans, you will be refunded for any remaining months (ie. - If you cancel 3 months after you signed up, you will be refunded for 9 months.)

  • Tier #1

    Every month
    If you are just looking for a little change
    • - Monthly group call
    • - Private Telegram Group
    • - Free gifts and goodies
  • Tier #2

    Every month
    If you're asking for a lot of change, this is for you!
    • - Monthly group call
    • - 15-minute private facilitation
    • - Private Telegram group
    • - Free gifts and goodies
  • Tier #3

    Every month
    What are the possibilities with change in your life?
    • - Monthly group call
    • - 30-minutes private session each month
    • - Private Telegram group
    • - Free gifts and goodies
  • Year-Long Membership

    Valid for one year
    • - Monthly group call (12 total)
    • - 30-minute private session each month (12 total)
    • - Private Telegram group
    • - Free gifts and goodies