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© 2018 John Wheeler

A worldview by definition is how you react, resist, agree and/or align with how the world appears from your point of view. Worldview is a system in place that tells you how you should or could be, and more importantly couldn't and shouldn't be. 

What if you were willing to challenge that? What if you let go of any definition you have about the world, your family and yourself? Are you willing to live in a world beyond definition?

During this call Siris and John will explore the tools of Access Consciousness® and how using these tools can invite freedom from your points of view, judgments, and definitions. What would you create if you functioned from no form, no structure and no significance? 

What kind of world would you create if you knew you could? What kind of world would you create if you knew you couldn't lose? Is now the time to have all of you and acknowledge your gifts, talents and capacities to create a different world?


*The tools and processes I will be using for this call are from Access Consciousness®. For more information please go to

Beyond A Worldview Telecall Replay