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© 2018 John Wheeler

What have you made so vital, valuable and real about the lies of scarcity, that keeps you from generating, creating and actualizing a new reality beyond this reality with total ease?

During this two hour call we will delve into the points of view, beliefs, thoughts, and limitations that are in play in our lives, which allow us to play small and buy into the lie of scarcity. One of the greatest tools I have ever received from my study with Access Consciousness® was to research the original meanings of words and wouldn't you know that I did just that with the word "enough."

By original definition "enough" simply means sufficient or meeting our desires. Are you willing to settle for sufficiency? What if the secret behind not fitting into this reality is simply because you're too much by the standards of everyone else? Are you willing to be "too much"? Are you willing to accept an invitation to create your own reality outside of this reality?


Need a little taster? Click here for some sound clips.

*The tools and processes I will be using for this call are from Access Consciousness®. For more information please go to

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