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© 2018 John Wheeler

Have you noticed how everyday you're different? Have you acknowledged that you're different with every person, in every situation, for various moments? Are you willing to acknowledge your points of view and reality can change every 10 seconds?

This class is a pragmatic and exploratory experience to your life at various stages. You have a capacity to even move beyond the body! During the call we will explore who, what, when, where and how you be. Are you ready to explore your being?

Check in:
Who are you being? Are you truly being you?
What are you being? Are you trying to be normal?
When are you being? Are you in this 10 seconds?
Where are you being? Are you in your body?
How are you being? Are you living joy?

These calls are dynamic and are based on who shows up. Every call I do is done by stepping into the energy of the group (or person asking questions) to provide tools, processes and whatever else will contribute to you? Wonder what stage your of your life you are performing on?


*The tools and processes I will be using for this call are from Access Consciousness®. For more information please go

Life As A Stage Replay