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© 2018 John Wheeler

What demand are you making of you in 2018?

One of the things that Becky and I have become aware of is how different our lives have become in these last few weeks ending 2017. The most amazing part of this insight is looking at what we would like our lives to be AND making a DEMAND of us to step into to it no matter what!

Have you acknowledged how different you’re life is now? Are you asking for your life to be different? Are you willing to step up in your life and invite others to join you or let them go?

We spend so much time trying to hold onto the people in our life while refusing to be the difference we are. What if you were willing to be that no matter what it takes? Are you willing to step into this new version of yourself and ask 2018 to be totally different?

Stepping Up & Stepping Into 2018