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Weekend for Bodies in San Diego, California

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If you've found this page that means you have almost completed your registration for at least one of the four body processes I'll be facilitating on November 13th and November 15th in California.


This will be a weekend for bodies and consist of FOUR (4) individual body processes class combined over a period of three days (2 days of classes, 1 day of rest). At the end of the weekend you will be certified to facilitate these processes with your clients and offer them as services. You will not be able to facilitate classes.

Body classes are a bit different than the normal Access Bars® or Energetic Facelift® classes and you'll be paired for each process based on the body your BODY chooses. With that being said its way easier on the facilitator's body to have consistency in body over the different classes, therefor I've given special pricing to anyone choosing to attending both days and a very discounted price for individuals for choosing all four classes as a gift for contributing to me, my body and the world of possibilities I'm looking to create.

The last step to complete is payment, which you can do using the buttons below. Since these classes are split over two days you'll notice there are several options to choose.

Here is the pricing breakdown:

November 13th Classes:

Restoration of Communion with Earth Only - $80 USD

Microbiotic Desertification of Dermis Only - $80 USD

Full Class (Two Processes) on Nov. 13th - $150

November 15th Classes:

Zero Sum of Trauma Only - $80 USD

Square Root of Minus One Only - $80 USD

Full Class (Two Processes) on Nov. 13th - $150

Special Rates:

Choosing 1.5 days (3 processes) - $175

Choosing 2 full days (4 processes) - $200

November 13 Payment

November 15 Payment

Special Rate Payment

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