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Wondering what it might be like to work with me? See what others have to say below.

“Thanks to my partner, John Wheeler, I had the most amazing time during a 3-Day Body Class. I knew when we first spoke that this was who I wanted to pair up with. We had a great connection and laughed throughout all three days. John is an amazing facilitator and I'm very grateful to have been able to work one-on-one with him.”

Jaime W, Savannah, GA

“Infinite gratitude John for your kindness and generosity for the facilitation of my crap, trauma, and drama. Your patience and keen perception to get to the bottom of my story opened up so much possibility for me. Your fun, comical personality brightened up my world. I wonder what else is possible now? Thanks!”

Melissa A, Boston, MA

“I received the gift of working with John on a call he hosted recently, and I have to say: he gets right to the big stuff and MOVES energy! Potent and powerful!! Thank you, John!”

Karine C, Eugene, OR

“I'm continuously inspired by John's never-ending creations! Don't be fooled by his gentle demeanor - John is a powerhouse, lol.”

Gavriel G, Portland, OR

“John is a such a gentleman and such a beautiful being. If his purpose was to come here and heal people, well then I think he’s doing a pretty good job. If you are looking at a healing session, if you are looking at your life and really wanting to get out of resisting what else is possible for you, then please book a session with John, or take a class with him. Your life will change. How did we get so lucky?”

Janelle M, Biloela, Australia

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