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Have you acknowledged what's changed?

The year 2020 has been a year of massive and sudden change. For me personally, I would never have imagined a year like this.

I started off with a bang of classes, revenue and clients and within one weekend it all changed. Suddenly what was, was no longer and the only remaining factor was choice. I could choose to stop everything. I could choose to do nothing and shut down. But I chose something different.

During the first part of the pandemic I moved into my first house, began to facilitate online classes again, took on many new roles/jobs and most importantly I enjoyed life. While many people around me went into freakout and worry I was left with myself and knowing that I could do this. I could have something different. And...I was going to have it no matter what it took and no matter what it looked like.

How is it that I was able to do that when literally everyone around me seemed to be falling apart? Acknowledgment!

Have you acknowledged what has actually changed for you and your life, now and for future?

Acknowledgement is a funny thing because many people I know feel they acknowledge something when they cognitively or visually comprehend what's happening. For example, a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. We can both see it and scientifically understand what's taking place. What if that's not actually acknowledgment?

Acknowledgment is not about understanding. Acknowledgment is about knowing what is and knowing you.

It's about being vulnerable enough to have honesty with yourself about who you are, what you are and what you are truly capable of. It's not about reasoning and justifying anything. It is about choosing to stand your ground and own your power. It's a demand of yourself to be present with everything around you. It's a demand to trust you. It's a demand to commit to your life and create something that only you know is possible. So what does any of that have to do with change?

Well, when you want to change something do you just know it will change or do you seek proof of the changes taking place? Many of us tend to look from a place of proof that things have changed. The only problem is we look outside of us to prove that we have changed, then we don't actually acknowledge it has changed, so we keep looking for it over and over, but never allow the change because then we'd actually be required to acknowledge it. How many things in your life are you searching to change that could change if you simply acknowledged it? Would you be willing to do that now?...please?


Would you like to kickoff 2021 by acknowledging more? Click the image below for details!

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